Ten Little Sinners

Ten little Soldier boys went out to dine; One choked his little self and then there were nine.

Nine little Soldier boys sat up very late; One overslept himself and then there were eight.

Eight little Soldier boys traveling in Devon; One said he’d stay there and then there were seven.

Seven little Soldier boys chopping up sticks; One chopped himself in halves and then there were six.

Six little Soldier boys playing with a hive; A bumblebee stung one and then there were five.

Five little Soldier boys going in for law; One got into Chancery and then there were four.

Four little Soldier boys going out to sea; A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.

Three little Soldier boys walking in the zoo; A big bear hugged one and then there were two.

Two little Soldier boys playing in the sun; One got frizzeled up and then there was One.

One little Soldier boy left all alone; He went out and hanged himself and then there were none.


 It's an exciting time to be part of Dead Unicorn Ink right now. In the past few months, we've all dramatically shifted roles within the company, pushing past our comfort zones. Through this,  I've rediscovered my love of writing. The writing process in Dead Unicorn Ink has certainly evolved. Originally it started out with one person writing our show. Over time, different people started throwing in scripts and we would give notes. Our last show, Scars, had many, many drafts and the final result came from table reads and making rewrites right there and then. Writing a script is one thing. Having it read out loud is how it can completely fall apart. All of it's holes and weaknesses become instantly obvious. Our next play will be making it's debut at the end of February. Although it has two primary playwrights, it will be the first real collaborative attempt at creating a story within the company. 

In the summer of 2013, I knew we'd be doing the second annual Fresh Meat Festival, run by the relentless energy ball that is Jonah Allingham. It's an amazing opportunity for young artists to try out new material and give them an audience they wouldn't necessarily have on their own.  Originally I was interested in writing a show about mental illness. For anyone who's seen the show Scars, it might have one line vaguely hinting at that theme. It still ended up being the most personal play I've ever written and my favorite so far. Scars was created from real life conversations and experiences that I mostly had within the 4 month period of writing the show.

While writing I had one main scenario in mind – a girl walks in on her roommate's one night stand alone and is forced to interact with him. From there I had many conversations with friends about their experience with this, their own one night stands, and the internal thought process both men and women have when it comes to relationships. During this time I became increasingly obsessed with peoples opinions and their own stories. I also became hyper aware of total strangers in the city, studying their actions, ease dropping in conversations, and making up stories for people that would walk right by me. It was the mundane, insignificant details of regular life that fleshed out the story and make it really juicy. Otherwise you just have two people in a room having a debate. That doesn't mean anything to an audience. 

I'm currently writing a new project that has no place yet in our lineup of festivals and show dates we have prepared thus far. But until it finds its place I look forward to seeing how the experiences I'll have, the new people I'll meet, and the conversations I have will influence this new piece. When it comes to writing a show, I highly recommend letting people read your work and give you as many notes as they can. You don't have to be influenced by any of their notes whatsoever, but push aside what you want, and do what's best for your piece. It's painful to cut out bits you're most proud of or find funny, but don't be selfish. And read everything you can get your hands on!

-- Sylvie

The Fantabulous Grim Unicorn Fundraiser Spectacular Extravaganza!!!

On April 17th, 2013 in the Arts Court Studio magic happened. Literally. Multiple amazing acts came together to put on an incredible night to raise money for both Dead Unicorn Ink and Grimprov. The night was a total success. Dead Unicorn Ink gave those who attended a little sneak peak of their teaser video for this year's Ottawa Fringe Festival. This followed by a hilarious performance by Grimprov. The audience had a little too much fun with their ability to shout “More grit!” or “Less grit!” at any moment during the performance, with Grimprov graciously bending the storylines to the audience's will.

          Ben Lavallee amazed with his magical abilities, charming a lucky lady throughout the night with floating flowers and supporting her as she stood on shards of glass. That's romantic right? A huge thank you goes to all the bands that performed that night as well. Phil Castiglione from Robots! Everywhere!! - a one man band, started off the musical part of the evening. Phil really got the crowd going with his relatable songs about life, dating, and the city of Ottawa. With the threat of having to end his set a song early due to a broken guitar string, with some quick thinking, Phil swiped a blue ukelele nearby and finished a rousing rendition of the patriotic song Ottawa My Heart Explodes, making the crowd go crazy.

          Next was the always themed band Yes Please and Thank You. This band never disappoints because they constantly reinvent themselves – kind of like Madonna. In the past they've dressed as mimes, another adorned only in short shorts, but for us they went western. They had everyone up on their feet as the audience blew bubbles and tossed balloons. The final band of the night was none other than Three Phase. This close knit band raged a la Queens of the Stone Age style. Just try not to crush hard on the drummer Emily Shea.

           In between sets we had raffle prizes up for grabs including generous donations such as a Bridgehead basket, Haunted Walk tickets, and Fringe Festival passes. Grimprov and Dead Unicorn Ink would like to send a HUGE thank you to all the volunteers, the bands, the bartenders, and every single person who came out to support us. Your funds go directly to funding our next shows, keeping our website alive, technical equipment, and actors wages. We couldn't do what we love without you all. Thank you. We're more motivated than ever to give you the best damn show you've see all year.

Band webpages/Facebook fan pages

Robots! Everywhere!!


Yes Please and Thank You


Three Phase


New Show: Space Mystery... FROM OUTERSPACE

It's official guys, we've cast our next production and it's gearing up to be one hell of a show.  Come follow Private Dick Rick Derringer as he traverses the cosmical plane to stop the Evil Doctor Phineas Grimm.  There will be space creatures, intrigue,  lasers, femme fatales, and SCIENCE! Want to see this show reach it's full potential? You can help!  Come to our fundraiser on March 24th at Fall Down Gallery.  This ain't no ordinary fundraiser, this is going to be a rocking show that features killer Ottawa band Sound of Lions.  $15 goes straight to our company in hopes of creating the most extraordinarily out of this world experience for our fans.  Want to attend? Send us an email with the word TICKETS in the subject line at deadunicornink@gmail.com and we will get those tickets in your hand.

It's going to be a rocking party and an amazing show.  Don't miss it!

Do you like supporting art?

Who doesn't!? Tickets are now available to our first fundraiser.  One can expect a fantastic show featuring some of the best comedy and music this city has to offer.  GRIMprov!, Dave Atkinson, Robots! Everywhere!!, Elly May, and of course Sound of Lions.

Sound like a good show? Probably because it is.

Tickets are $15.  Definitely a bargain.  If you're interested please email us at deadunicornink@gmail.com with TICKETS in the subject line and your address in the message.  The earlier the better, because tickets are LIMITED.


Our First Fundraiser!

WHAT IS THAT YOU SAAAYYYY!! Dead Unicorn Ink. is holding a fundraiser on March 24th, 2012! After enjoying continued success with the remount of Playing Dead in November 2011 we will be holding a fundraiser with the hopes of raising money for a budget for our next show.

You know what, let's stop here. The word fundraiser isn't going to do us justice. This is a party of EPIC PROPORTIONS! We have a DJ, we have beer, and we have a killer line up with Sound of Lions headlining.

We ain't talking about some wine and cheese you may expect from your average theatre company.

More to come in future weeks as we put together a night that is worthy of you guys – the audience, supporters of the arts community in Ottawa.

Rock on,


Playing Dead: One Week Away!

Oh my sweet Joseph!  The zombie-puppet spectacle is almost back with a bone crunching, heart stopping, awkward moving vengeance!  The show is up from Thursday the 24th to Saturday the 26th, each night at 8:00pm! Reasons to come include zombie-puppets, hilarity, and a rousing cast of awesome performers who will do anything for your entertainment.

Reasons to not come? You must be this awesome to join the ride.

Are YOU this awesome?  Then prove it and come see the show.

Want to reserve tickets? Call Mike at 613.898.4851 or email him at doironmc@gmail.com.

Make sure you join in and catch what everyone will be talking about.

November's Here, and so are the Zombie Puppets!

Hey folks, That's right, it's time to see some more bone crunching, head lobbing comedy!  We're only three weeks away from opening night of the remount of the zombie-puppet spectacle that stole the hearts (and brains) from audiences at the 2011 Ottawa Fringe Festival!!

Already saw it?  Well there are some all new scenes, all new sets, and all new zombie puppets in this show, so you'll be seeing some ALL NEW ACTION.

Missed it the first time?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?  That's okay, here's your second chance.  Soon you'll be able to meet Joseph, Evan, Harv, Billy, Karen, Molly and the rest.

So come to Arts Court, 2 Daly St. Ottawa ON (sorry Timbuktu, maybe when we get that touring grant).  Make sure you don't miss it!

Playing Dead Resurrected

Great news for all those who missed their chance to see Playing Dead the first time. Or if you simply want to see it again for a 3rd or 4th time, you are in luck! Dead Unicorn Ink is proud to announce the remounting of Playing Dead at Arts Court November 24th, 25th, and 26th. Real set, real lights, and 20 minutes of extra bonus footage never before seen! Are you excited?! We're excited. Specifically the zombies...they need the work.

Zombie Puppet Sneak Peak!

So we are officially 25 days away from opening night, so the pressure is on!  Our progress is moving along quite well and we are preparing to complete our  Zombie Puppets.  With less than four weeks to go the show is starting to take shape and we're already excited for opening night. Here's a quick look at some Zombie Puppet skulls.  This is what the puppets look like without skin, hair, or bodies.

Just imagine these bad boys coming after you in the middle on the night, I'd be pretty terrified.  But this show isn't about floating styrofoam skulls, it's about Zombie Puppets, so we still have a lot of work to do.  Stay tuned as we continue our progress.


2011 Ottawa Fringe Festival!

Ladies and Gentlemen, exciting times are upon us. Dead Unicorn Ink.'s first theatrical production is about to take off and it is going to be a doozy. For our first play we will be performing a new piece by acclaimed writer Jeremy Doiron – acclaimed by who we won't say – Playing Dead. The story centres around Evan Olliver as she strives to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Initially alone, Evan meets with Harv, a desperately fortunate man who has only managed to eek out his survival with Orange Gatorade, Big Turk chocolate bars, and a lone handgun. After reluctantly joining forces, Evan and Harv stumble upon a cottage where they meet the young couple Billy and Karen. The quatro decides to work together to make it to the safe zone on foot, only they are surrounded by zombies, and have very low supplies. Pretty cool, right? Only one more thing, the zombies are being portrayed by fl*pping puppets.

That's right, the four survivors are stuck alone in a cottage in the woods and have to figure out how to fight their way through a massive horde of mindless flesh eating zombie puppets. Terrified? no? Amused? We'll take it! And this is the place where you can catch the updates and certain excited unfold!

Once again, this is happening at the 2011 Ottawa Fringe Festival in BYOV Venue G: Cafe Alt. Make sure you don't miss it, it'll be the theatrical event everyone is talking about.