Sylvie Recoskie

Co-founder, producer, stage manager, director, writer, actress, adorable


Sylvie grew up in the small town of Pembroke where her theatre aspirations were born. Trying out every job theatre has to offer in both high school and at the University of Ottawa, it was the behind the scenes decision making that excited her the most – a world very few people get to see. (It was the headsets - they make you seem so authoritative!) Sylvie's passion for theatre lies in creating accessible, hilarious pieces that leaves you wanting more. Sylvie’s proudest work has been directing Gift of the Gun and stage managing Playing Dead

Patrice-Ann Forbes

Co-founder, producer, head designer, actress, technician, small animal lover


Patrice was born in a small town in Southern Ontario. She grew up on stage and soon realized that if you want to be the star, make your own show. She ventured into costume design and has worked throughout Ottawa and Montreal designing everything from Sets, costumes and props to pom poms for a National Opera. Acting, however still remained her unattainable flame, so when Mike suggested Zombie puppets, she said "Ya, I can make those no problem. But I have to star in the show". Fortunately Mike was open minded and really bad at sewing, and Sylvie was able to keep Patrice on a very focused timeline. Thus a partnership made in some sort of Theatre heaven. She couldn't have done it with her multi-talented husband Ted and the tiniest human Moira.

Ted Forbes

Head Technician, Lighting Designer, Dashing Bearded Man, Often Confused Publicly as Thor




Founding members of DUI are Mike Doiron, Patrice Ann Forbes, and Sylvie Recoskie